If you need service – Maytag MEW5630 User Manual

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Call the dealer from whom your appliance was purchased or call Maytag Appliances Sales Company, Maytag
Customer Assistance at 1-800-688-9900, USA or 1-800-688-2002, CANADA to locate an authorized servicer.

Be sure to retain proof of purchase to verify warranty status. Refer to WARRANTY (last page) for further
information on owner’s responsibilities for warranty service.

If the dealer or service company cannot resolve the problem, write to Maytag Appliances Sales Company, Attn:


Center, P.O. Box 2370, Cleveland, TN 37320-2370, or call 1-800-688-9900, USA or 1-800-688-2002,


U.S. customers using TTY for deaf, hearing impaired or speech impaired, call 1-800-688-2080.

NOTE: When writing or calling about a service problem, please include the following information:
a. Your name, address and telephone number;
b. Model number and serial number;
c. Name and address of your dealer or servicer;
d. A clear description of the problem you are having;
e. Proof of purchase (sales receipt).

User’s guides, service manuals and parts information are available from Maytag Appliances Sales Company,
Maytag Customer Assistance.

If You Need Service

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