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Notes. . .

When the LOCK indicator word lights in the display,
the door cannot be opened. To prevent damage to the
door, do not force door open when the LOCK indicator
word is displayed.

A fan will automatically turn on during the self-
clean cycle and will automatically turn off after the
clean cycle when the oven has cooled. If it does
not operate, contact an authorized servicer.

If more than 30 seconds elapse between pressing the
CLEAN pad and pressing a


pad, the

program will automatically return to the previous

The first few times the oven is cleaned, some smoke
and odor may be detected. This is normal and will lessen
or disappear with use. If the oven is heavily soiled, or
if the broiler pan was accidently left in the oven,
excessive smoke and odor may occur.

As the oven heats and cools, you may hear sounds of
metal parts expanding and contracting. This is normal
and will not damage your appliance.

After Self-Cleaning

About one hour after the end of the clean cycle, the LOCK
indicator word will turn off. At this point, the door can be

Some soil may leave a light gray, powdery ash which can
be removed with a damp cloth. If soil remains, it indicates
that the clean cycle was not long enough. The soil will be
removed during the next clean cycle.

If the oven racks were left in the oven and do not slide
smoothly after a clean cycle, wipe racks and embossed rack
supports with a small amount of vegetable oil to restore
ease of movement.

A white discoloration may appear after cleaning if acid or
sugary foods were not wiped up before the clean cycle.
This discoloration is normal and will NOT affect perfor-

To Delay the Start of a Clean Cycle


1 - 3. Follow steps 1-3 on previous page.

4. Press STOP TIME pad.

a. Press


pad to select the time of day you

wish the oven to turn off.

b. Press CLOCK pad and time of day will reappear in


c. DELAY CLEAN will remain in display to show the

oven is set for delayed clean operation.

5. When the oven turns on the clean symbol will light in the


6. About one hour after the clean cycle ends, the LOCK

indicator word will turn off. The oven door can be

To Cancel a Clean Cycle:

1. Press CANCEL pad.

2. If LOCK is NOT displayed, open oven door.

If LOCK is displayed, allow oven to cool about one hour
then open oven door.

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Care & Cleaning


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