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Cleaning Chart -- continued


Cleaning Procedure

Plastic Finishes

Wash with soap and water or mild liquid sprays and a soft cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners or

- Door Handle Area

oven cleaners on plastic finishes.

To prevent staining or discoloration, wipe up fat, grease or acid (tomato, lemon, vinegar, milk,
fruit juice, marinade) immediately with a dry paper towel or cloth.

Never use oven cleaners, abrasive or caustic liquid or powdered cleansers on plastic finishes.
These cleaning agents will scratch or mar finish.

Brushed Chrome

When cool, wash with soapy water, rinse and buff the surface.

(select models)

For heavier soil, use a mild abrasive cleaner, rubbing with the grain to avoid streaking the
surface. Rinse and buff.

To prevent scratching, do not use abrasive or caustic agents.

To restore luster and remove streaks, follow with Stainless Steel Magic Spray*
(Part #20000008)**.

Chrome will permanently discolor if soil is allowed to bake on.

* Brand names are trademarks of the respective manufacturers.
** To order direct, call 1-800-688-8408.


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Oven Light

Before replacing light bulb, DISCONNECT POWER TO
OVEN. Be sure bulb is cool. Do not touch a hot bulb with a
damp cloth as the bulb may break.

To replace oven light:

Use a dry potholder and very carefully unscrew bulb cover
and bulb. Replace with a 40 watt, oven-rated appliance bulb.
Bulb with a brass base is recommended to prevent fusing of
bulb into socket.

Replace bulb cover and reconnect power to oven. Reset

Oven Window

To protect the oven door window:

1. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents such as steel

wool scouring pads or powdered cleansers as they
may scratch the glass.

2. Do not hit the glass with pots, pans, furniture, toys, or

other objects.

3. Do not close the oven door until the oven racks are in


Scratching, hitting, jarring or stressing the glass may
weaken its structure causing an increased risk of break-
age at a later date.

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Care & Cleaning


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