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F 1) Adjust the H Position so that the left side of the picture frame will move to the left edge of the display area.

C Press the Auto Button for one second or more when the menu page is not displayed. (Auto Set-up)

D Adjust the image manually by following procedure below when the screen has a flicker or blur, or the picture does not fit

in the display area after performing the Auto Set-up.

E Adjust the V Position so that the top and bottom of the picture frame will fit to the display area.



n The screen adjustments described in this manual are designed to set image position and minimize flicker or blur for the particular computer

in use.

n The monitor is designed to provide the best performance at resolution of 1280 × 768, but can not provide the best at resolutions of less than

1280 × 768 because the picture is automatically stretched to fit the full screen. It is recommended to operate at a resolution of 1280 × 768 in

normal use.

n Displayed text or lines will be blurred or irregular in thickness when the picture is stretched due to the screen enlargement process.
n It is preferable to adjust the image position and frequency with the monitor controls, rather than with computer software or utilities.
n Perform adjustments after a warm-up period of at least thirty minutes.
n Additional adjustments may be required after the Auto Set-up depending on the resolution or signal timing.
n The Auto Set-up may not work correctly when displaying the picture other than the screen adjustment pattern. In this case, manual

adjustments are required.

There are two ways to adjust the screen. One way is automatic adjustment for Clock, Phase and Position. The other way is performing each

adjustment manually.

Perform the Auto Set-up first when the monitor is connected to a new computer, or resolution is changed. If the screen has a flicker or blur,

or the picture does not fit in the display area after performing the Auto Set-up, manual adjustments are required. Both adjustments should

be made by using the screen adjustment pattern (Test.bmp) obtained via the iiyama web site ( or http://

This manual explains adjustment under Windows 95/98/2000/Me/XP.

A Set the Full Screen feature to Off and display the picture at the optimum resolution.
B Enter the Test.bmp (screen adjustment pattern) to wallpaper.


n Consult the appropriate documentation for doing this.
n Test.bmp is made at resolution of 1280 × 1024. Set the display position to center in the wallpaper setting dialogue box. If you

use Microsoft


PLUS! 95/98 cancel the setting of “Stretch desktop wallpaper to fit the screen”.

[Adjustment pattern]

Zebra pattern

This is the image displayed at 1280 × 768.

Color bar

Picture frame

Adjust the image by following the procedure below to get the desired picture when selecting PC Analog input.

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