Useful features, Advanced recording (continued) – Sharp MD-MT877 User Manual

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To create your own track numbers

You can create your own track numbers at any point.

While recording, press the REC button at the
point where you want to create track numbers.

The track number will be increased by one.

One track number will be created every time the REC
button is pressed.

The SOUND button on the remote control can also be
used to create track numbers.

Numbering restriction

If you try to number more than 10 tracks in certain amount
of time, “SORRY” will be displayed and the operation will
be disabled.
In that case, wait until the next operation can be resumed.

In stereo recording

Within 40 seconds

In 2 times long recording

Within 80 seconds

In 4 times long recording

Within 160 seconds

In monaural recording

Within 80 seconds

Advanced Recording (continued)

Useful Features



Recording tracks as a single track

You can record several pieces of music as a single
track by disabling the auto marker function.

When a recording is paused or while recording…
Press the EDIT button.

When making digital recordings using a CD player or an
MiniDisc player, track numbers will be created automati-
cally regardless of the setting of the auto marker function.