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4-2. Software Download

4-2-1. Pre-requisite for Download

• Downloader Program (there are 3 ways to download.)


WCEDownloader v1.1Single.exe

- WCEDownloader v1.1.exe (multidownloader)

- [unknown].exe

• SGH_I600 Mobile Device

• Binary files

• Active sync Setting

• Driver Installation.

4-2-2. Active sync setting and Driver Installation

Make sure that the active sync program is checked

before connecting your device to the host computer.

If the active sync program is working in your computer,

Make sure that check box,

Allow USB connection

at the

Connection Setting, is released.

Press ‘OK’ button to save a configuration.

You can see the next picture if usb driver is not installed when you try to connect the device to the

host computer.

You have to install the file which is name of ‘


’ when you select the driver.