Sharp SGH-I600 User Manual

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Safety Precautions


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1-2. ESD(Electrostatically Sensitive Devices) Precaution

Several semiconductor may be damaged easily by static electricity. Such parts are called by ESD

(Electrostatically Sensitive Devices), for example IC,BGA chip etc. Read Precaution below.

You can prevent from ESD damage by static electricity.

― Remove static electricity remained your body before you touch semiconductor or parts with

semiconductor. There are ways that you touch an earthed place or wear static electricity prevention

string on wrist.

― Use earthed soldering steel when you connect or disconnect ESD.

― Use soldering removing tool to break static electricity. Otherwise ESD will be damaged by static


― Don't unpack until you set up ESD on product. Because most of ESD are packed by box and

aluminum plate to have conductive power,they are prevented from static electricity.

― You must maintain electric contact between ESD and place due to be set up until ESD is

connected completely to the proper place or a circuit board.