Safety precautions, 1. repair precaution – Sharp SGH-I600 User Manual

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1. Safety Precautions


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1-1. Repair Precaution

― Repair in Shield Box, during detailed tuning.

Take specially care of tuning or test, because the specification of cellular phone is sensitive for

surrounding interference(RF noise).

― Be careful to use a kind of magnetic object or tool, because performance of parts is damaged by

the influence of magnetic force.

― Surely use a standard screwdriver when you disassemble this product, otherwise screw will be

worn away.

― Use a thicken twisted wire when you measure level.

A thicken twisted wire has low resistance, therefore error of measurement is few.

― Repair after separate Test Pack and Set because for short danger (for example an overcurrent

and furious flames of parts etc) when you repair board in condition of connecting Test Pack and

tuning on.

― Take specially care of soldering, because Land of PCB is small and weak in heat.

― Surely tune on/off while using AC power plug, because a repair of battery charger is dangerous

when tuning ON/OFF PBA and Connector after disassembling charger.

― Don't use as you pleases after change other material than replacement registered on SEC System.

Otherwise engineer in charge isn't charged with problem that you don't keep this rules.