Use advanced messaging functions, U se advanced m essaging functions – Sharp SGH-J700V User Manual

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3. Select a contact to assign to the num ber.

The contact is saved to the speed dial num ber.

Create a group of contacts

By creating groups of contacts, you can assign

ringtones and caller ID photos to each group or send
m essages and em ails to an entire group. Start by
creating a group:
1. In Idle m ode, press <M enu>

→ Phonebook →

G roup

→ <Options> → Add.

2. Enter a group nam e and scroll dow n.
3. To set the caller ID im age, press the Centre key

an im age category

→ an im age → <Select>.

4. To set a group ringtone, scroll dow n and press the

Centre key

→ a ringtone category → a ringtone.

5. Press <Save>.

U se advanced m essaging functions

Learn to create tem plates and use tem plates to create
new m essages.

Create a text tem plate

1. In Idle m ode, press <M enu>

→ M essages →

Tem plates

→ Text tem plate.

2. Press the Centre key to open a new tem plate

w indow.

3. Enter your text and press the Centre key to save

the tem plate.

Create a m ultim edia tem plate

You can now call this contact from Idle m ode by
pressing and holding the assigned speed dial
num ber.