Activate mobile tracker, A ctivate m obile tracker – Sharp SGH-J700V User Manual

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5. Scroll to a contact and press the Centre key.
6. W hen you are finished selecting contacts, press

<Select> to return to the recipients list.

7. Press <O ptions>

→ Save to save the recipients.

8. Scroll dow n and set the num ber of tim es to repeat

the SO S m essage.

9. Press <Save>.
10.Press <Yes> to confirm .
To send an SO S m essage, the phone m ust be closed
and the keys locked. W ith the phone closed, press the
Volum e key four tim es.

A ctivate m obile tracker

W hen som eone inserts a new SIM card in your phone,
the m obile tracker feature w ill autom atically send the
contact num ber to tw o recipients to help you locate
and recover your phone. To activate m obile tracker,
1. In Idle m ode, press <M enu>

→ Settings →

Security settings

→ M obile tracker.

2. Enter your passw ord and press <O K >.

3. Scroll right to turn on the m obile tracker.
4. Scroll dow n and press the Centre key to open the

recipients list.

5. Press the Centre key to open your contact list.
6. Scroll to a contact and press the Centre key.

Once you send an SOS m essage, all phone
functions will be suspended until you press
[ ].

The first tim e you access m obile tracker, you
will be prom pted to create and confirm a