Sumo Summing Amplifier User Manual

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Operational Manual

© Audient v1.0 10/2004


Pin conventions

To unbalance the outputs of the Sumo the

-ve Pin should be connected to its
adjacent 0v pin at Sumo’s output.

Similarly, inputs from unbalanced sources

should be connected via twin screened

cables with the –ve pin connection tied to

the screen at the unbalanced source.

Inputs and outputs are implemented using

advanced electronically balanced
topologies and are fitted with extensive

RFI rejection networks.

Digital Interfaces

The optional digital card gives Sumo the

ability to output at six sample frequencies

up to and including 192kHz.

The card provides for both of the most

common stereo digital transmissions


AES/EBU on XLR, and S/PDIF on
RCA (that’s a phono plug to you and I).

Output on both connectors, for all sample
rates is fixed at 24bit.

A word clock input is also provided for

situations where Sumo is not the clock

master. This is connected via BNC.