Sumo Summing Amplifier User Manual

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Operational Manual


© Audient v1.0 10/2004


Thank you for buying this audient product.

As can be found throughout the Audient range, your Sumo has been painstakingly designed

and lovingly nurtured to give you years of productive, reliable, mix fattening performance.
To make the most of this, we suggest that you have a good look through this manual before

you get started.

The safety and installation information will help you to set your Sumo up with the minimum

of danger and hassle, while the operational guide will take you on a whistle stop tour of

Sumo’s knobs, dials and flashy lights – along with some handy hints for their use. Finally, if

you’re experiencing any problems Sumo Surgery will root out most set-up and configuration

issues to get you back on track in no time.

Anywhere you see this symbol, you should make sure to read the
adjacent warning. These will prevent you from killing yourself,
blowing up speakers, and wrecking your mix. All of which are to be


Text next to one of these symbols is, wait for it… a handy hint.

These are little operational titbits and guidelines to help you find

your way and get the most out of your Sumo.