Sumo Summing Amplifier User Manual

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Operational Manual

Overview – The Benefits of Analogue Summing

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This means that Sumo can take whatever
you throw at it without distortion or

Another feature of large format studio
consoles is the inclusion of a compressor
over the main stereo bus. Consequently,
the bus compressor from the ASP8024
has also been included in Sumo’s design: a
flexible, high quality compressor capable
of polishing a mix to perfection. And
there’s more; we’ve added in a digital
equipment guarding, mix fattening peak
limiter to help your mix stand out without
risking nasty digital distortion.

To cap it all off, the monitor section gives
you hands-on control of your playback
level while the external input allows you to
A/B your mixes against some reference
material, or listen to the playback from
your master recorder.

Optional Extras

If your Sumo is equipped with a digital
card, you’ll be able to output a stream of
lovely 0s and 1s at rates of up to 192kHz
on both AES/EBU and S/PDIF

As your studio and track counts expand,
you can expand your sumo system with
the addition of up to 3 units, giving you a
total of 64 inputs. If you are feeling
particularly track hungry, then each of the
expansion units can provide 3 more
expansion inputs etc. etc…