Sumo Summing Amplifier User Manual

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Operational Manual

Sumo Surgery (Troubleshooting)

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The power light is off.

The fuse is blown.

The power connector at the

back contains the main fuse.

Try changing this, using a
correctly rated replacement
for your local mains voltage
(see back panel).

The power light is off.

The unit is set for the
wrong mains voltage.

Ensure that the red switch
on the back of the unit
matches your local mains

voltage. Make sure the unit
is disconnected before
switching this.

The power light is off.

The power cable is

Reconsider your chosen
career. Perhaps you should
retrain. Can you say “Would

you like fries with that”?

I can’t hear anything!

Could be one of many


See the flowchart below.

My external input source is
coming through the mix bus.

The external input source
is connected to an

expander input.

Ensure that the external
input source is connected to

inputs 1+2 of the expansion
D-Sub connection.

All I can hear is a strange
hissing noise.

A T-DIF device is
attached to Sumo’s
inputs. Although the
plugs match, Sumo’s
inputs are analogue while
T-DIF is digital.

Attach your device using its
analogue connections.

I’ve inserted another device and
it is distorting really badly.

Sumo is capable of
handling levels of up to
+28dBu, unlike most
outboard units, which
can usually only take up
to about +20dBu.

Use the mix gain control to
drop the bus level so you
don’t fry your outboard.

My kick drum is only coming
out of the left speaker.

The channel carrying
your kick drum is part of
a stereo pair.

In software, route all the
tracks you want centred to
inputs 1-4 of the Sumo.
Then switch in Sumo’s
mono buttons, and hey