Sumo Summing Amplifier User Manual

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Operational Manual


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Your Sumo has been carefully and
meticulously tested before despatch.

Please check for any signs of transit
damage. If any signs of mishandling are
found please notify the carrier and your
dealer immediately.

Mains Power Supply
Sumo can be switched to operate at mains
voltages of either 230V or 115V. With the
switch in the 230V position, the unit will
operate without performance degradation
from 210V to 250V. In the 115V setting,
voltages from 105V to 125V will be
accepted. Do not attempt to operate the
unit outside the relevant range defined
above. For 100V operation, please contact
your dealer.

Please note that the fuse ratings are
different for each of the voltage ranges.
20mm T250mA for the 230V setting and
20mm T500mA for 115/100V.

The mains fuse is very unlikely to fail
under normal use and caution should be
exercised if a failure should occur. Check
the mains voltage, the condition of the
mains cord and the integrity of the mains
supply before replacing the fuse.

Mechanical Installation

Care should be taken not to obstruct
the unit’s ventilation holes. Adequate
airflow must be provided within rack

cases above and below the unit to prevent