Playback functions – Saba 31-5023 User Manual

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Playback functions

A-B repeat playback
Use this function to play a specific portion in a chapter or
track repeatedly. This is useful to memorize lyrics or
watch a portion of a disc over and over.







1. Press the A-B button at the beginning of the selection

you want to repeat. The “A” indicator will be

2. Press the A-B button again at the end of the selection.

The “A-B” indicator will be displayed, and this section
will now repeat continuously.

3. Press the A-B button again to cancel and resume

normal playback.



When using this function with DVD discs, both
the start and end point of the repeat must be in
the same title.


To repeat a section of a disc just once, press the
A-B button at the beginning of the section, then
press PLAY/PAUSE button at the end. The
playback will jump back to the start point.

x This function is only available when playback mode is


x The A-B repeat function is canceled when you stop the

playback, open the disc tray, or turn the power off.

Program playback
This function is for use with CD audio discs only. By selecting
and programming the order of the tracks on a disc to be
played, you can create your own program. One program can
be stored in the system and contain up to 99 tracks.

x The program function is not available in TUNER and AUX


x When playing DVD and MP3 discs, the program function is

not available.

x The program function is only available when the stop

mode is selected.

1. Press the PROG button to start the memory registration

mode. The PROG indicator illuminates and “P00:00” will
appear on the front panel display.

2. Press the 0~9 and >10 buttons to enter the desired

track number.

3. Repeat step 2 to add more items to the program list.

4. Press the PLAY/PAUSE button to begin program

5. During the program playback, press the

STOP button to

stop program playback. Press the

STOP button again to

delete the current program and return to stop mode.

x If you have programmed the maximum limit (99 tracks)

and try to enter another track number, the “FULL”
indicator will appear on the display.

x To repeat playback for the programmed tracks, press the

REPEAT button while in the program playback mode.

x The program sequence is canceled when you press the

STOP button twice, open the disc tray, or turn the power