Playback functions – Saba 31-5023 User Manual

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Playback functions

When playing an MP3 encoded CD disc:
1. Press the DISPLAY button once to display Single

Elapsed time.

2. Press the DISPLAY button a second time to display

Single Remaining time.

3. Press the DISPLAY button a third time to select

display function off.

Playing VCD discs with PBC (playback control)
Some Video CD discs have PBC (playback control) menus
that are displayed automatically upon playback. Use these
menus to select playback options.



When playing VCD2.0 discs with PBC, the menus will
not appear automatically. Press the MENU button, to view
and use the menus.

When playing MP3 discs with PBC, the menus will
appear automatically and will continue to appear during
playback. Press the ///buttons to select the
desired song, then press the ENTER/SET or PLAY buttons
to begin playback.