Sony D-NE715 User Manual

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The major specifications of the acceptable disc format are:
• Maximum directory levels: 8
• Acceptable characters for a file/folder name:

A - Z, a - z, 0 - 9, _ (underscore)


• When naming files, be sure to add the file extension “mp3” to the file name.
• If you add the extension “mp3” to a file other than an MP3 file, the player will not be able to recognize the

file properly.

• The file name does not correspond to the ID3 tag.

The usable number of groups and files

• Maximum number of groups: 100
• Maximum number of files: 400

Settings for compression and writing software

• This CD player supports MP3 files with the following specifications: transfer bit rate: 16 - 320

kbps and sampling frequencies: 32/44.1/ 48 kHz. Variable Bit Rate (VBR) is also supported.
To compress a source for an MP3 file, we recommend setting the transfer bit rate of the
compression software to “44.1 kHz,” “128 kbps,” and “Constant Bit Rate.”

• To record up to the maximum capacity, set to “halting of writing.”
• To record at one time up to the maximum capacity on media that has nothing recorded on it,

set to “Disc at Once.”

Note on saving files on the media

When a disc is inserted, the CD player reads all the files on that disc. If there are many groups or
if there are files in a different format on the disc, it may take a long time for play to begin or for
the next file to start play.

We recommend that you do not save files in other formats or unnecessary groups on a disc that
has MP3 files.

Enjoy your A