Getting started, Introduction – Sharp AR-156 User Manual

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This chapter provides basic information for using the copier.


This copier has been designed to provide intuitive operating ease while requiring a minimum
amount of space. To get full use of all copier features, be sure to familiarize yourself with this
manual and the copier.
For quick reference during copier use, keep this manual in a handy location.

This copier can also be used as a laser printer if an optional printer expansion
kit is installed. This manual describes only the copier features. For description
of the printer features, see their separate manual.

Conventions used in this manual

In this manual, the following icons are used to provide the user with information pertinent to the
use of the copier.

Warns the user that injury to the user or damage to the copier may result if the
contents of the warning are not properly followed.

Cautions the user that damage to the copier or one of its components may
result if the contents of the caution are not properly followed.

Notes provide information relevant to the copier regarding specifications,
functions, performance, operation and such, that may be useful to the user.

Indicates a letter displayed in the display.