Appendix, Maintenance, Info – Sharp PG-D3510X User Manual

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Cleaning the projector

Ensure that you have unplugged the power
cord before cleaning the projector.
The cabinet as well as the operation panel is
made of plastic. Avoid using benzene or
thinner, as these can damage the fi nish on
the cabinet.
Do not use volatile agents such as
insecticides on the projector.
Do not attach rubber or plastic items to the
projector for long periods.
The effects of some of the agents in the
plastic may cause damage to the quality or
fi nish of the projector.
Wipe off dirt gently with a soft fl annel cloth.
Using a chemical cloth (wet/dry sheet type
cloth, etc.) may deform the components of
the cabinet or cause cracking.
Wiping with a hard cloth or using strong
force may scratch the cabinet surface.
When the dirt is hard to remove, soak a cloth
in a mild detergent diluted with water, wring
the cloth well and then wipe the projector.
Strong cleaning detergents may discolor,
warp or damage the coating on the projector.
Make sure to test on a small, inconspicuous
area on the projector before use.

Mild deter



Mild detergent diluted

with water



Cleaning the lens

Use a commercially available blower or lens
cleaning paper (for glasses and camera
lenses) for cleaning the lens. Do not use any
liquid type cleaning agents, as they may
wear off the coating fi lm on the surface of the
As the surface of the lens can easily get
damaged, be careful not to scrape or hit the

Cleaning the exhaust and intake vents

Use a vacuum cleaner to clean dust from the
exhaust vent and the intake vent.


If you want to clean the air vents during
projector operation, ensure you press
STANDBY/ON on the projector or
STANDBY on the remote control and put the
projector into Standby mode. After the
cooling fan has stopped, clean the vents.

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