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Creating a User Box

In the above noted exercise User Boxes are created at the MFP control panel; without

utilizing PageScope “Web Connection.” An optional HDD must be installed in the MFP

in order to complete this exercise.


To be able to set up a user box at the MFP; scan a document to the user box and then

retrieve the document at a later date. Any “forms factory” or industry that utilizes the same

documents/forms on an ongoing basis will find this a more effective and productive method

to store and retrieve key documents. Market niches such as the insurance industry and K-12

public schools have an ongoing application of being able to scan into memory and retrieving

at a later date; key standardize forms or educational materials.

1. Put 8.5” x 11” document into the RDAF on he MFP.

2. Touch


3. Touch

Direct Input

4. Touch

Save In User Box

5. Touch

User Box Number

(input 123 as user box number)

6. Touch

Document Name

(input “memo 123” as document name)

7. Touch


8. Touch


9. The document “memo 123” has been saved in user box 123.

To retrieve the document scanned in the above exercise and saved in user box 123;

use the following exercise:

1. Touch


on MFP control panel.

2. Touch

Box 123

3. Touch

Memo 123

under document name

4. Touch


5. Touch


. Document “memo 123” will be printed out.

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