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Delete document in public user box


In an era of “changing information” it is useful for the end-user to understand how easy

it is to delete existing documents in the public user boxes.

1. Touch


2. Touch

Public User Box

3. Touch box that contains document that is to be deleted.

4. Touch under “Document Name” the document that is to be deleted.

5. Touch


Mode Memory


The two major applications for mode memory are: 1st as a selling tool especially during

a client demonstration. The sales person can program specific jobs that may require multi

steps to “Demo” a specific job parameter; into a one touch. All the multi job parameters;

paper size, duplex mode, staple etc can be programmed into a “one touch” and that job

can be named for easy recall. This is often referred to as a “Demo in a Box” because

it renders seemingly complicated jobs into a simple operation.

Also secondly, this Mode Memory feature can for the customer streamline their current

copying operations. Frequently used end-user jobs with multi-steps can be pre-programmed

for easy access and easy output.


Set up job parameters of: 2:2 duplexing, 8.5” x 14” paper size and corner staple and then…

1. Touch

Memory Mode , Program Registration

2. Input

Memo 123

as the program name



bizhub 500/420/360


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