LG GSA-H54LI User Manual

Gsa-h54li, 18x internal super multi dvd rewriter

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super muLti read and write

Currently there are 3 types of DVD formats - DVD+R, DVD-R and DVD-RAM. Most devices
can read and write in 2 formats, but LG’s Super Multi drives read and write in all 3 DVD
formats. Super Multi gives you the freedom to choose the media you want to use.

8.5GB douBLe/duaL Layer compatiBLe

Record up to 4 hours of high quality video (MPEG-2)


Create silkscreen-quality disc labels direct from your PC with. LightScribe is a laser printing
technology on the LightScribe disc. It provides a complete, convenient, cost-effective system
for labeling discs. Simply “burn” the data to a LightScribe disc, flip the disc over, place it back
in the drive, and “burn” the label.

• Reads/Writes all CD/DVD Formats

• Max. 18x DVD±R Write Speed

• Max. 12x DVD-RAM Write Speed

• Supports Double Layer DVD+R,

Dual Layer DVD-R Discs (8.5GB)

• 2MB Cache Buffer with Buffer

Under-run Protection

• LightScribe

• Enhanced IDE (ATAPI) Interface


18X internaL

super muLti dVd rewriter