LG 300 Series User Manual

Lg-nortel aria 300 series

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LG-Nortel Aria 300 Series

Product Overview

Grow your business with the LG-Nortel Aria 300 Series Solutions

A complete business communications solution, designed to help simplify and satisfy the needs of dynamic businesses

requiring up to 500 extensions.

Key Features

Increases staff’s effi ciency - Imagine a phone system that improves your staff’s effi ciency in the way they handle

calls, including making, answering and transferring.

Control Costs - Reducing unnecessary call costs greatly improves the profi tability of your organisation. Least cost

routing allows your business to automatically take advantage of the cheapest call rates made available by network


Reliable Mobility Solutions - Locate staff wherever they are within your premises. Staff may be paged via handsets

and alerted to important calls, or may be contacted on their own DECT wireless phone.

Future-Friendly - Not only do the Aria IP enabled PBX’s provide you with a solution to your communication needs

today, inherent in their design is the ability to migrate to new technologies as they are introduced.

Modular, scalable design – Aria systems offers solutions for a business’ needs today, as well as a migration path to

meet the needs as a business grows.