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Study these SAFETY RULES carefully before install-
ing, operating or servicing this equipment. Become
familiar with this Owner’s Manual and with the unit.
The generator can operate safely, efficiently and reli-
ably only if it is properly installed, operated and
maintained. Many accidents are caused by failing to
follow simple and fundamental rules or precautions.

The manufacturer cannot anticipate every possible
circumstance that might involve a hazard. The warn-
ings in this manual, and on tags and decals affixed
to the unit are, therefore, not all inclusive. If a pro-
cedure, work method or operating technique is used
that the manufacturer does not specifically recom-
mend, ensure that it is safe for others. Also make
sure the procedure, work method or operating tech-
nique utilized does not render the generator unsafe.


Despite the safe design of this generator,

operating this equipment imprudently, neglect-
ing its maintenance or being careless can cause
possible injury or death. Permit only responsible
and capable persons to install, operate or main-
tain this equipment.

Potentially lethal voltages are generated by

these machines. Ensure all steps are taken to
render the machine safe before attempting to
work on the generator.

Parts of the generator are rotating and/or hot

during operation. Exercise care near running


• For safety reasons, the manufacturer recommends

that this equipment be installed, serviced and
repaired by a Service Dealer or other competent,
qualified electrician or installation technician who
is familiar with applicable codes, standards and
regulations. The operator also must comply with
all such codes, standards and regulations.

• Installation, operation, servicing and repair of this

(and related) equipment must always comply with
applicable codes, standards, laws and regulations.
Adhere strictly to local, state and national electri-
cal and building codes. Comply with regulations
the Occupational Safety and Health Administration
(OSHA) has established. Also, ensure that the
generator is installed, operated and serviced in
accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions
and recommendations. Following installation, do
nothing that might render the unit unsafe or in
noncompliance with the aforementioned codes,
standards, laws and regulations.

• The engine exhaust fumes contain carbon monox-

ide gas, which can be DEADLY. This dangerous gas,
if breathed in sufficient concentrations, can cause
unconsciousness or even death. For that reason,
adequate ventilation must be provided. Exhaust
gases must be piped safely away from any building
or enclosure that houses the generator to an area
where people, animals, etc., will not be harmed.
This exhaust system must be installed properly, in
strict compliance with applicable codes and stan-

• Keep hands, feet, clothing, etc., away from drive

belts, fans, and other moving or hot parts. Never
remove any drive belt or fan guard while the unit
is operating.

• Adequate, unobstructed flow of cooling and venti-

lating air is critical in any room or building hous-
ing the generator to prevent buildup of explosive
gases and to ensure correct generator operation.
Do not alter the installation or permit even partial
blockage of ventilation provisions, as this can seri-
ously affect safe operation of the generator.

• Keep the area around the generator clean and

uncluttered. Remove any materials that could
become hazardous.

• When working on this equipment, remain alert

at all times. Never work on the equipment when
physically or mentally fatigued.

• Inspect the generator regularly, and promptly

repair or replace all worn, damaged or defective
parts using only factory-approved parts.

SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS – The manufacturer suggests that these rules for safe operation

be copied and posted in potential hazard areas. Safety should be stressed to all operators,
potential operators, and service and repair technicians for this equipment.

The engine exhaust from this product

contains chemicals known to the state

of California to cause cancer, birth

defects or other reproductive harm.


This product contains or emits chemicals

known to the state of California to cause

cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.



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Important Safety Instructions

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v. A 04/07

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