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Thank you for purchasing this model of the standby
generator set product line.

Every effort was expended to make sure that the
information and instructions in this manual were
both accurate and current at the time the manual was
written. However, the manufacturer reserves the right
to change, alter or otherwise improve this product(s)
at any time without prior notice.


If any portion of this manual is not understood, con-
tact the nearest Service Dealer for starting, operating
and servicing procedures.

Throughout this publication, and on tags and
decals affixed to the generator, DANGER, WARNING,
CAUTION and NOTE blocks are used to alert person-
nel to special instructions about a particular service
or operation that may be hazardous if performed
incorrectly or carelessly. Observe them carefully.
Their definitions are as follows:


After this heading, read instructions that, if not

strictly complied with, will result in personal injury
or property damage.

After this heading, read instructions that, if not

strictly complied with, may result in personal
injury or property damage.

After this heading, read instructions that, if not

strictly complied with, could result in damage to
equipment and/or property.


After this heading, read explanatory statements

that require special emphasis.

These safety warnings cannot eliminate the hazards
that they indicate. Common sense and strict compli-
ance with the special instructions while performing
the service are essential to preventing accidents.

Four commonly used safety symbols accompany the
DANGER, WARNING and CAUTION blocks. The type
of information each indicates is as follows:

This symbol points out important safety infor-

mation that, if not followed, could endanger
personal safety and/or property of others.


This symbol points out potential explosion


This symbol points out potential fire hazard.

This symbol points out potential electrical shock


The operator is responsible for proper and safe use
of the equipment. The manufacturer strongly recom-
mends that the operator read this Owner's Manual
and thoroughly understand all instructions before
using this equipment. The manufacturer also strong-
ly recommends instructing other users to properly
start and operate the unit. This prepares them if they
need to operate the equipment in an emergency.


It is the operator's responsibility to perform all safety
checks, to make sure that all maintenance for safe
operation is performed promptly, and to have the
equipment checked periodically by a Service Dealer.
Normal maintenance service and replacement of parts
are the responsibility of the owner/operator and, as
such, are not considered defects in materials or work-
manship within the terms of the warranty. Individual
operating habits and usage contribute to the need for
maintenance service.

Proper maintenance and care of the generator ensure
a minimum number of problems and keep operating
expenses at a minimum. See a Service Dealer for ser-
vice aids and accessories.

Operating instructions presented in this manual
assume that the standby electric system has been
installed by a Service Dealer or other competent,
qualified contractor. Installation of this equipment is
not a “do-it-yourself” project.


When the generator requires servicing or repairs,
simply contact a Service Dealer for assistance.
Service technicians are factory-trained and are capa-
ble of handling all service needs.

When contacting a Service Dealer about parts and
service, always supply the complete model number of
the unit as given on the front cover of this manual or
on the DATA LABEL affixed to the unit.



Standby Generator Sets

Important Safety Instructions

Safety004 Re

v. A 04/07

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