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This equipment is a revolving field, alternating cur-
rent generator set. It is powered by a gaseous fueled
engine operating at 1800 rpm for 4-pole direct drive
units, 3600 rpm for 2-pole direct drive units and
2300 - 3000 rpm for quiet drive gear units. See the
Specifications section for exact numbers. The unit
comes complete with a sound attenuated enclosure,
internally mounted muffler, control console, main-
line circuit breaker, battery charger, and protective
alarms as explained in the following paragraph.

All AC connections, including the power leads from
the alternator, 120 volt battery charger input and
control connections to the transfer switch are avail-
able in the main connection box.

The generator incorporates the following generator

• Rotor and Stator insulation is Class F rated as

defined by NEMA MG1-32.6, NEMA MG1-1.66.
The generator is self ventilated and drip-proof con-

• The voltage waveform deviation, total harmonic

content of the AC waveform and telephone influ-
ence factor have been evaluated and are acceptable
according to NEMA MG1-32.


The unit has been filled with 5W-30 engine oil at the
factory. Use a high-quality detergent oil classified “For
Service SJ or SH.” Detergent oils keep the engine
cleaner and reduce carbon deposits. When changing
the engine oil, be sure to use 5W-30 engine oil (syn-
thetic oil is recommended).

Any attempt to crank or start the engine before

it has been properly serviced with the recom-
mended oil may result in an engine failure.


For temperatures below 32° F, it is strongly recom-
mended to use the optional Cold Weather Start Kit
(part number listed in the Specification Section).
The oil grade for temperatures below 32° F is 5W-
30 synthetic oil.


Use a mixture of half low silicate ethylene glycol
base anti-freeze and deionized water. Cooling system
capacity is listed in the specifications. Use only deion-
ized water and only low silicate anti-freeze. If desired,
add a high quality rust inhibitor to the recommended
coolant mixture. When adding coolant, always add
the recommended 50-50 mixture.

Do not use any chromate base rust inhibitor

with ethylene glycol base anti-freeze or chro-
mium hydroxide (“green slime”) forms and will
cause overheating. Engines that have been oper-
ated with a chromate base rust inhibitor must
be chemically cleaned before adding ethylene
glycol base anti-freeze. Using any high silicate
anti-freeze boosters or additives will also cause
overheating. The manufacturer also recommends
that any soluble oil inhibitor is NOT used for this


Do not remove the radiator pressure cap while

the engine is hot or serious burns from boiling
liquid or steam could result.

Ethylene glycol base antifreeze is poisonous.

Do not use mouth to siphon coolant from the
radiator, recovery bottle or any container. Wash
hands thoroughly after handling. Never store
used antifreeze in an open container because
animals are attracted to the smell and taste of
antifreeze even though it is poisonous to them.

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