Fuel system – LG 30kW User Manual

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The standby generator may be equipped with one of
the following fuel systems:

• Natural gas fuel system
• Propane vapor (PV) fuel system
The Manual Drawing Listing that is affixed to the
unit includes the “Identification Code,” which may be
used to identify the type of fuel system installed on
the unit.

Recommended fuels should have a Btu content of at
least 1,000 Btus per cubic foot for natural gas; or at
least 2,520 Btus per cubic foot for LP gas. Ask the
fuel supplier for the Btu content of the fuel.

Required fuel pressure for natural gas is 5 inches
to 14 inches water column (0.18 to 0.5 psi); and
for liquid propane, 5 inches to 14 inches of water
column (0.18 to 0.5 psi).


Any piping used to connect the generator to the
fuel supply should be of adequate size to ensure
the fuel pressure NEVER drops below five inches
water column for natural gas or 5 inches water
column for propane vapor for all load ranges.


It is the responsibility of the installer to make sure
that only the correct recommended fuel is sup-
plied to the generator fuel system. Thereafter, the
owner/operator must make certain that only the
proper fuel is supplied.


Natural gas is supplied in its vapor state. In most
cases, the gas distribution company provides piping
from the main gas distribution line to the standby
generator site. The following information applies to
natural gas fuel systems.

• Gas pressure in a building is usually regulated by

national, state and local codes.

• To reduce gas pressure

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