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By using the configuration menus, the Power Saver Timeout can be modified between 1 minute and 240 minutes. Setting the Power
Saver Timeout to a low value reduces energy consumption, but may increase the response time of the product. Setting the Power Saver
Timeout to a high value maintains a fast response, but uses more energy.

Off mode

If this product has an off mode which still consumes a small amount of power, then to completely stop product power consumption,
disconnect the power supply cord from the wall outlet.

Total energy usage

It is sometimes helpful to calculate the total product energy usage. Since power consumption claims are provided in power units of Watts,
the power consumption should be multiplied by the time the product spends in each mode in order to calculate energy usage. The total
product energy usage is the sum of each mode's energy usage.

Statement of Limited Warranty

Lexmark X500n

Lexmark X502n

Lexmark International, Inc., Lexington, KY

This limited warranty applies to the United States and Canada. For customers outside the U.S., refer to the country-specific warranty
information that came with your product.

This limited warranty applies to this product only if it was originally purchased for your use, and not for resale, from Lexmark or a Lexmark
Remarketer, referred to in this statement as “Remarketer.”

Limited warranty

Lexmark warrants that this product:

—Is manufactured from new parts, or new and serviceable used parts, which perform like new parts

—Is, during normal use, free from defects in material and workmanship

If this product does not function as warranted during the warranty period, contact a Remarketer or Lexmark for repair or replacement (at
Lexmark's option).

If this product is a feature or option, this statement applies only when that feature or option is used with the product for which it was
intended. To obtain warranty service, you may be required to present the feature or option with the product.

If you transfer this product to another user, warranty service under the terms of this statement is available to that user for the remainder
of the warranty period. You should transfer proof of original purchase and this statement to that user.

Limited warranty service

The warranty period starts on the date of original purchase as shown on the purchase receipt and ends 12 months later provided that
the warranty period for any supplies and for any maintenance items included with the printer shall end earlier if it, or its original contents,
are substantially used up, depleted, or consumed.

To obtain warranty service you may be required to present proof of original purchase. You may be required to deliver your product to
the Remarketer or Lexmark, or ship it prepaid and suitably packaged to a Lexmark designated location. You are responsible for loss of,
or damage to, a product in transit to the Remarketer or the Lexmark designated location.

When warranty service involves the exchange of a product or part, the item replaced becomes the property of the Remarketer or Lexmark.
The replacement may be a new or repaired item.

The replacement item assumes the remaining warranty period of the original product.

Replacement is not available to you if the product you present for exchange is defaced, altered, in need of a repair not included in warranty
service, damaged beyond repair, or if the product is not free of all legal obligations, restrictions, liens, and encumbrances.

Before you present this product for warranty service, remove all print cartridges, programs, data, and removable storage media (unless
directed otherwise by Lexmark).

For further explanation of your warranty alternatives and the nearest Lexmark authorized servicer in your area contact Lexmark on the
World Wide Web at

Remote technical support is provided for this product throughout its warranty period. For products no longer covered by a Lexmark
warranty, technical support may not be available or only be available for a fee.


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