LEICA 2 User Manual

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Getting started with new equipment

GPS Equipment User Manual -2.0.0en

The PC-card must not be
removed while in the Survey
panel. If the card is taken

out of the receiver all stored data
might get corrupted, preventing SKI-
Pro from successfully reading the
data on the card.

The TR500 terminal may now be
disconnected. This will have no effect
on the survey ! Datalogging will
continue. When reconnecting the
terminal the same panel will reap-

The Static observation counter
(Static obs) will now go up every 10
seconds (because this is the default
logging interval).

The displayed GDOP value indicates
the current satellite geometry; the
lower the value the better.

The antenna must not be
moved while data is logged,
otherwise the quality of

post-processed coordinates will be
impaired !

Measuring with the default configuration parameters, continued

Now use the height hook to deter-
mine the height of the antenna above
the survey marker. Insert the height
hook into the carrier and measure the
height between the white mark at the
bottom of the height hook and the
survey marker.

Enter this reading into the Ant
field. Since the antenna you
have selected is "AT502 Tripod"
(AT501 Tripod in case of a SR510
sensor) the offset from the height
hook to the phase center of the
antenna is automatically taken care

These are the only two inputs needed
for surveying a point.