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Safety Instructions

GPS Equipment User Manual -2.0.0en

Care and Transport


When dispatching the
instrument, always use the

complete original Leica Geosystems
packaging (case and cardboard box).

Never carry the instrument loose in a
road vehicle. It can be affected by
shock and vibration. Always carry it in
its case and secure it.

When transporting the instrument by
rail, air or ship, always use the
complete original packaging (case
and cardboard box), or its equivalent,
to protect it against shock and


Temperature limits
(-40°C to +70°C / -40°F to

+158°F) Respect the temperature
limits when storing the instrument,
particularly in summer if the
instrument is inside a vehicle.

Damp instruments must
be unpacked. Dry the

instrument, the case, the foam
inserts and the accessories at not
more than 40°C / 108°F and clean
them. Do not repack until everything
is completely dry.

Cleaning and drying

Use only a clean, soft, lint-
free cloth for cleaning.

If necessary, moisten the cloth with
pure alcohol.

Use no other liquids; these may
attack the polymer components.

Cables and plugs
Keep plugs clean and dry.

Blow away any dirt lodged in the
plugs of the connecting cables.
Unplugging connecting cables or
removing the PCMCIA card during
the measurement may cause loss of
data. Always switch off the
instrument before removing the
cables or the PCMCIA card.

Care and Transport