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Setting Originals

In this manual an original can mean a
single or multiple page document.
You can set your originals either in
the Document Feeder (ADF) or on the
exposure glass. Some types of origi-
nals are unsuitable for the Document
Feeder (ADF) so they must be set on
the exposure glass.
Which way you place your original
depends on its size and whether you
are using the Docu ment Feeder
(ADF) or the exposure glass.


❒ If you place A5 size documents on

the exposure glass, they will not be
detected. A5 size documents load-
ed in the ADF are sent as A4 size.


❒ When sending a fax, the image

output at the other end depends on
the size and direction of paper
used in the receiver's terminal. If
the receiver does not use paper of
the same size and direction as that
of the original, the fax image may
be output reduced, trimmed at
both edges, or divided into two or
more sheets. When sending an im-
portant original, we recommend
that you ask the receiver about the
size and direction of the paper
used in their terminal.

❒ When sending an original of an ir-

regular (i.e. non-standard) size or
part of a large original, you can
specify the scan area precisely.

P.21 “Setting a Scan Area”

❒ You can scan non-standard sized

documents as standard sized doc-
uments with the Irregular Scan
Area feature. When you turn on
this feature, the area scanned will
be in the specified range regardless
of the actual document size. A
blank margin will appear or the
image will be cut at the receiving

❒ Make sure that all ink, correcting

fluid etc., has completely dried be-
fore setting your original. If it is
still wet, the exposure glass will be
marked and those marks will ap-
pear on the received image.

❒ If you set an A4 size original in the

portrait direction, the machine ro-
tates the image by 90 degrees be-
fore sending it.

⇒ Chapter 4,

"Transmission with Image Rota-
tion" in the Advanced Features


For how to set 2-sided documents.

⇒ Chapter 4, "2-sided Transmis-
sion" in the Advanced Features