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-Restrictions When Dialing with

the Number Keys

F a x n u m b e r s e n t e r e d w i t h t h e
number keys are programed in inter-
nal memory (separate from memory
for storing original data). Therefore,
you cannot program more than 100
numbers with the number keys for
the following:
• Destinations specified in a Memo-

ry Transmission (including Confi-
dential Transmission and Polling

• Transfer Stations and End Receiv-

ers specified in a Transfer Request

• Destinations and Transfer Stations

specified in a Group

• Destinations specified in program


For example, when 90 destinations
are programed in a Group with the
number keys, only 10 destinations
can be dialed for Memory Transmis-
sion from the number keys.


❒ When this machine is requested to

transfer a call (i.e. becomes a
Transfer Station), 2 fax numbers
are automatically programed.
Therefore, the number of destina-
tions that can be dialed from the
number keys decreases by two
whenever this machine is request-
ed to transfer a call.

❒ When a total of 100 fax numbers is

p r o g r a m e d , o n l y I m m e d i a t e
Transmission is allowed.

❒ If a memory file is awaiting trans-

mission and the

"Memory is full

and you cannot enter with

number keys"

message is dis-

played when dialing with the
number keys, you cannot dial any
more numbers. This is because fax
numbers have been dialed with the
number keys for some of the files
awaiting transmission. When these
files have been sent and their fax
numbers are deleted from memo-
ry, additional fax numbers can be

❒ The display shows the percentage

of free memory space for storing
originals. Since fax numbers are
programed in separate memory,
dialing fax numbers with the
number keys does not change the
percentage on the display.


Press the {Pause/Redial} key when di-
aling or storing a number to insert
about a two-second pause.


❒ You cannot insert a pause before

the first digit of a fax number.


❒ A pause is shown as a "-" on the