Setting a scan area, P.21 “setting, A scan area – LG Option Type 1045 User Manual

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Daft 2000/12/04

Setting Originals




Limit mark


Document guide

Originals unsuitable for the Document Feeder (ADF)

Do not set the following types of originals in the Document Feeder (ADF) be-
cause they may be damaged. Place them on the exposure glass instead.
• Originals containing staples or clips
• Perforated or torn originals
• Curled, folded, or creased originals
• Pasted originals
• Originals with any kind of coating, such as thermosensitive paper, art paper,

aluminum foil, carbon paper, or conductive paper

• Originals with index tabs, tags, or other projecting parts
• Sticky originals, such as translucent paper
• Thin and soft originals
• Originals of inappropriate weight
• Originals in bound form, such as books
• Transparent originals, such as OHP transparencies or translucent paper

Setting a Scan Area

Normally, the area of a set document
is scanned automatically. If a scan
area is specified, the document is
scanned accordingly. Thus, docu-
ments can be sent without extra space
or blank margins. Normally, all docu-
ments loaded in the Document Feed-
er (ADF) are scanned as the same
sizes. To scan originals of different
sizes as different sizes, use Mixed
Original Sizes.

Auto Detect

The area of a set document is
scanned automatically.


The set document is scanned ac-
cording to the specified size re-
gardless of its actual size.
The sizes that can be specified are
A4, B4, A3, LT, LG, and DLT.