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Daft 2000/12/04

Solving Problems



Solving Problems

This table lists some common problems and their solutions.



Refer to

Image background appears
dirty when received at the
other end.

Adjust the scan density.

P.40 “Image Density (Con-

Printed or sent image contains

The Document Feeder (ADF)
or exposure glass is dirty.
Clean them.

⇒ the Copy Ref-

erence manual.

Make sure that ink or correc-
tion fluid is dry before setting
the original.


Received image is too light.

Request the sender to increase
the image density.


When using moist, rough or
processed paper, the printed
image may be partly invisible.
Only use recommended pa-

⇒ Appendix, "Acceptable
Types of Originals" in the Ad-
vanced Features manual.

When D appears on the dis-
play, toner is beginning to run
out. Replace the toner car-
tridge soon.

⇒ the Copy Ref-

erence manual.


Message appears blank at the
other end.

The original was set upside
down. Set it properly.

P.18 “Setting Originals”

You want to cancel a Memory

If the original is being pro-
gramed, press the {Clear/Stop}

P.31 “Canceling a Memory

If the original is being sent,
use "Check/Cancel TX Files"
in the Information menu.

⇒ Chapter 2, "Checking and
Canceling Transmission Files"
in the Advanced Features

You want to cancel an Imme-
diate Transmission.

Press the {Clear/Stop} key.

P.6 “Operation Panel”

You cannot add any destina-
tions in a Group at though the
number of destinations has
not reached the maximum.

100 destinations have been
programmed with the
number keys (1000 with the
optional Expansion Memory).
Program more numbers with
Quick Dials or Speed Dials.

⇒ Chapter 4, " Dial", "Redial"
or "Subaddress" in the Ad-
vanced Features manual.