Manuals for this machine, Basic features (this manual), Advanced features – LG Option Type 1045 User Manual

Page 9: Basic features (this manual) advanced features

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Daft 2000/12/04


Manuals for This Machine

Two Facsimile Reference manuals are provided, the Basic Features manual and
the Advanced Features manual. Please refer to the manual that suits your needs.

Basic Features (this manual)

The Basic Features manual explains the most frequently used fax functions and

Advanced Features

The Advanced Features manual describes more advanced functions, and also
explains settings for key operators.

Chapter 1 Transmission Mode

Explains how to send at a specific time without having to be by the machine,
and also take advantage of off-peak telephone line charges.

Chapter 2 Checking and Canceling Transmission Files

Explains how to cancel a transmission, and resend a message when it fails to

Chapter 3 Communication Information

Explains hoe to erase a fax message programed in memory and check the con-
tents of any file in memory.

Chapter 4 Transmission Features

Explains about useful transmission features, also learn how to dial numbers

Chapter 5 Reception Features

Explains about reception features. Learn how to receive messages in tele-
phone mode, and print two pages of received messages on one page.

Chapter 6 Simplifying the Operation

Explains how to specify a Program and use the Document Server.

Chapter 7 Facsimile User Tools

Explains how to program frequently used functions as a Quick Dial Key and
User Function Key.

Chapter 8 Key Operator Settings

Explains about functions the key operator handles. Learn how to setup the
phone line type, and how to store the Memory Locked ID and the Confiden-
tial ID.