LG EARTH STOVE 2800HT User Manual

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If the heater or chimney connector glows, you are overfir-
ing. Other symptoms may include: Cracking, warping or
burning out of components, gold door may turn color, stove
glass may develop a haze, which will not come off with

Overfiring of a stove is a condition where excessive tem-
peratures are reached, beyond the design capabilities of
the appliance. The damage that occurs from overfiring is
not covered under the MANUFACTURER'S limited war-

The following are a few conditions that should be evalu-
ated (and corrected, if necessary) if an overfiring condi-
tion is suspected:

Overfiring Caused From Improper Installation - Ensure
that all installation requirements have been met as out-
lined in the installation manual. The chimney should be
clean and in good repair. A draft test should be performed
to determine if the draft requirements of the appliance are
being met. A draft gauge should read between .05 and .07
inches water column (" W.C.). Excessive draft (above .07
" W.C.) will allow too much combustion air to be pulled in
which results in hotter burns. Too little draft (below .05 "
W.C.) will not allow enough combustion air delivery to
maintain a fire (this may result in improper operation of
appliance, i.e. wont maintain fire unless fuel door is left
open. See below, Overfiring Caused From Improper Op-
on this page.

Overfiring Caused From Improper Operation - Operate
this appliance only as outlined in this manual. Never burn
the appliance with the fuel door open or ajar. Do not oper-
ate this stove with the primary air control in the "high" posi-
tion (pushed in) for extended periods. This wastes fuel
and can cause dangerous overfiring conditions. NEVER
leave the stove unattended on high settings. Operation of
the appliance with the Start-Up Air Control in the open
(pulled out) position for extended periods can cause
dangerous overfiring conditions.

Overfiring Caused from Improper Maintenance -
Strictly adhere to all maintenance requirements at fre-
quent intervals as prescribed in this manual including
cleaning of flue and stove. Should the fuel door or glass
gaskets become worn or damaged, they should be re-

Overfiring Caused From Improper Fuel - This appliance
is approved for use with natural dry well seasoned wood
only (ask your authorized dealer what are approved fuels
for your area). Do not burn garbage, particleboard scraps,
or pressed logs using bonding agents because they can
produce conditions that will deteriorate metal. Do not over-
load or use kindling wood or mill ends as primary fuel as
this may cause overfiring.