LG EARTH STOVE 2800HT User Manual

Page 9

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DANGER: Risk of electrical shock. Disconnect
power before servicing appliance. Do not route
power cord under or in front of appliance.

To change the power cord from one side of insert to the
other, perform the following steps:
1. Ensure power cord in NOT plugged in.
2. Remove the louver blower panels on each side of

fuel door as follows. Each panel is held in place by
two ¼” (7 mm) head screws. Using a ¼” (7 mm)
socket or nut driver, remove the screws

3. Remove panels by pulling them outward slightly then


4. Locate terminal block on right side of appliance.

Write down the locations where the black, white and
green leads from the power cord are attached to the
terminal block. Disconnect these three wires then re-
install them onto the terminal block on the left side of
appliance in the same corresponding positions (as
you had written down).

5. Reinstall


This appliance has a very heavy (60 lbs [27 kg]) 3/8" (9.5
mm) thick steel baffle that is installed directly above the
secondary air tubes in the firebox. To inhibit the baffle
plate from shifting during shipment, a packing block is
installed at the factory (see illustration below). The pack-
ing block needs to be removed prior to burning your in-
sert. During installation, the baffle may slide forward, and
must be repositioned (pushed to the back) in order for
the insert to operate properly. When in its proper posi-
tion, the rear flange of the baffle plate should be flush to
the back wall of the firebox.

Marble is a natural product and therefore each piece will
have its own unique character. Marble can be scratched
so care should be taken to avoid putting heavy or rough
objects (trivet / steamers) on the surface. Do not install
the marble before curing the paint.

The ceramic fiber blanket and cerawool strips provided
with appliance must be placed under the marble to insu-
late it from the high temperatures on top of the firebox.
Do not place the marble directly on the top metal surface
of the stove or it will crack.

1. Remove all ashes from the fireplace.
2. Remove all materials inside the insert and set them aside.
3. Remove the three-piece surround assembly (face shield)

and attach insulation material provided using a nonflamma-
ble adhesive (i.e. RTV Silicone, rated 570

° F).

4. Use a large piece of cardboard or other protective material

and place it in front of the fireplace to protect floor or carpet
during installation.

5. Remove the insert from its wood pallet by removing the


6. Prepare chimney connection system as specified for ma-

sonry or zero clearance fireplaces.

7. Set the insert on the protective cardboard laid out in front of

the fireplace centered in front of the fireplace opening.

8. (Masonry Fireplace) Slide insert into the fireplace far enough

to attach the starter pipe or positive flue connection (a mini-
mum of a 6" (152 mm) starter pipe extending past the
header is required). See * note, page 11.

9. (Factory Built Fireplace – USA only) Slide insert into the fire-

place far enough to attach connector to flue outlet. See *
note, page 11.