LG EARTH STOVE 2800HT User Manual

Page 11

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IMPORTANT: Do not face seal over chimney
cooling air system on superior brand or any
brand fireplace which is designed with the
chimney cooling air system.

13. Pull the insert slightly forward to its desired

position; attach the face shield using the sur-
round clips and hardware as shown. The fi-
berglass insulation strips should be secured
along the top and sides (step 3). Assemble
the gold-tone trim using the 2 inside corner
brackets. Attach trim to the face shield and

Push the appliance back until face shield insula-
tion is compressed against the fireplace front,
forming a tight seal. Test for air leaks by hold-
ing a candle around edge of face shield to see
if smoke is pulled into fireplace.


Note: Preferred method of attaching connector

to flue outlet is to install two L-Brackets (1” [25.4
mm] angle bracket, 3/4” [19 mm] wide) on oppo-
site sides of the flue outlet: Use self-tapping
screws to secure in place. Cut a ½” (13 mm)
(height) and ¾” (19 mm) (width) notch in the front
of connector (pipe, liner or adapter that will attach
to flue outlet). Install connector into flue outlet and
secure to angle brackets using machine screws.
Seal around connection with furnace cement.


Note: Be sure the damper is locked in the open position.

A Professional should inspect chimney prior to installation to deter-
mine if any repairs are necessary or if a chimney reline is necessary.
The fireplace damper must be secured in the open position. If this is
not possible, it will be necessary to remove the damper. Installation
into a masonry fireplace requires as a minimum of a flue extension
past the header. This can be accomplished by one of the following
Install 6" (152 mm) smoke pipe if the chimney is located directly
above the insert flue outlet.

(or) Install 6" (152 mm) flex pipe to achieve the same result.

Use an offset adapter (see page 26) to handle offsets. This part is
available through your dealer.