LG EARTH STOVE 2800HT User Manual

Page 10

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10. Offsets can be handled using an offset adapter (it

aligns starter pipe with flue. See Offset Adapter,

page 26 for ordering information). Do not push insert

in completely until surround assembly is installed.

Care should be used to ensure that this adjustable

connector is oriented so it does not angle downhill

when positioned on the flue outlet on top of insert.

11. If the floor of the fireplace is lower than the hearth,

leveling bolts will need to be installed (not included

with the hardware. Use a 3/8” (10 mm) bolt with 2

nuts). The bolt length should be at least 1” (25.4 mm)

longer than needed. Locate the leveling bolt brackets

on the sides of the insert in the back. Install the 2

leveling bolts with nuts and adjust length as needed.

12. Reaching over the top of the insert, install the starter

pipe in the stove flue, or attach the positive flue con-
nection to the insert. See * Note, page 11.



or even. Slightly up
at the outbound
end is better.

WRONG – This may
produce a problem
of smoking during
refueling, or poor
chimney draw.