Preparing the answering system – Panasonic Acr14CF.tmp User Manual

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For assistance, please call: 1-800-211-PANA(7262)


Preparing the Answering System

To review the greeting


To erase the greeting

Press [GREETING CHECK], then press [ERASE] while the recorded
message is being played.

• The unit will answer calls with a pre-recorded greeting (see below).

Pre-recorded greeting

If you do not record a greeting (p. 16), a pre-recorded greeting will be
played when a call is received.

To review the pre-recorded greeting, press [GREETING CHECK].

• A pre-recorded greeting will be played as follows:

“Hello, we are not available now. Please leave your name and phone number after
the beep. We will return your call.”

• If recording time runs out, the unit will automatically announce:

“Hello, we are not available now. Please call again. Thank you for your call.” Then
the unit hangs up. The unit will not record any incoming messages.

Flash Memory Message Backup (Message storage)
Messages stored in memory will not be affected by power failures. All
messages are saved until you erase them.