Check for leaks – Nikon WP-CP2 User Manual

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Check for Leaks


Check for Leaks

Before placing the camera in the case, be sure that the camera is function-
ing normally and that the case does not leak. Failure to check for leaks
before use could result in irreparable damage to the camera.


Immerse the case
Slowly immerse the case in water, stopping if
water enters the case. Test the case in a shallow
area (1 m / 3´ or less) or in a tub or bucket. Do not
use hot water, as this could exceed the operating
temperature range of 0–40 °C (32–104 °F).

Close the case
After making sure that the O-ring is in place,
slowly close the case, being careful not to pinch
your fi ngers in the gap.

Latch the case
With front and rear halves of the case lightly
touching but the case not fully closed (

ቢ), fl ip the

buckle onto the front half of the case (


Press the case closed until the latch clicks shut.
Check that the case is properly sealed, that the
O-ring is in place, and that no foreign objects are
caught in the seal.

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