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Page 26: Optional accessories

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echnical Notes


Store the case in a cool, well-ventilated area, leaving the case open to prevent
the O-ring from deteriorating. When leaving the case unused for an extended
period, remove the O-ring, wipe off any O-ring grease, and place the O-ring
in a clean plastic bag to ensure that it maintains it elasticity. Do not store
the case in direct sunlight or where it will be exposed to sudden changes in
temperature or high levels of humidity. Do not store the case or O-ring under
other objects, close to open fl ames, in the vicinity of fl ammable items, or with
naptha or camphor moth balls.


Nikon recommends that the case be serviced by a Nikon-authorized service representa-
tive at least once a year. A fee is charged for this service.

Specifi cations

Maximum depth

40 m (130´)

Camera operating

0–40 °C (32–104 °F)


131 Ч 92.5 Ч84.5 mm/5.16˝ Ч 3.64˝ Ч 3.33˝ (W × H × D)

Approximate weight

380 g (13.3 oz) when empty

Optional Accessories

O-ring set

WP-OG1 O-ring set (contains WP-O1 O-ring and WP-G1 O-ring


WP-S1 silica gel desiccant

Technical Notes

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