Clean the case – Nikon WP-CP2 User Manual

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Clean the Case

Clean the Case

Wash the case in fresh water
The case should be cleaned immediately after use.
Before opening the case and removing the cam-
era, wash the case in a basin of fresh water.

Wipe dry
Dry the exterior of the case thoroughly with a
soft, dry cloth.

Drying the Case

Be careful to remove water that may have col-
lected in the buckle, controls, or strap eyelet.

Remove the camera
Remove the camera and dry the inside of the case
with a soft, dry cloth.

Removing the Camera

Do not open the case in areas exposed to blown
sand or spray. When removing the camera, be
careful not to drop the device and make sure that
droplets from your hair, body, or other objects do
not fall into the case or onto the camera. If water
does fall on the camera, dry it off immediately.

Keep the case upright; do not place the open case
with the O-ring or O-ring seal face down.

Soak the case in fresh water
Reseal the case and leave it in a basin of fresh
water for two to three hours. Operate each of the
controls a few times to remove salt. If salt drys on
the controls, they may cease to function or their
metal parts may rust, causing leakage.

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