Troubleshooting (continued) – Nostalgia Electrics DOUBLE FLAVOR ICE CREAM MAKER DFIM-SERIES User Manual

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The salt-water mixture leaked out of the
wooden bucket.

Before using the ice cream maker, it is
necessary to soak the wooden bucket in
water for at least an hour and a half. This
allows the wood to expand and prevent
leaks. To do so, simply fill up the bucket
(about 2/3 full) and let it sit in the sink or
other water-safe area for an hour and a



My ice cream mixture tasted fine, but after
freezing it my ice cream does not taste the

Actual ice cream will always taste less
sweet than the initial mixture. You may
adjust the amount of sugar in the recipe to
suit your taste, keeping in mind that after
the freezing process, the sweetness will



The canister or dasher jammed or stopped
during the churning process.


Jamming of the canister or dasher can be
due to one of the following causes:

Ice may have caused a blockage in the
wooden bucket. Turn off the motor and make
sure that the ice in the bucket is broken up
into small pieces. The plastic stirrer provided
can be used to do so.

If the mixture has become too thick, the
dasher may have become stuck. The mixture
should never become thicker than the
consistency of soft serve ice cream.

If there are hard pieces in the mixture (such
as nuts or chocolate), they may cause the
dasher to become lodged in the canister.
Add any ingredients to your ice cream after
the churning process is done.

Be sure that you do not stop churning your
ice cream once you have started. Stopping
in the middle of the process can cause the
ice cream to harden around the edge and
restrict the movement of the dasher.

If the dasher becomes stuck, check if the
mixture has frozen around the inside edges
of the canister. If so, use a plastic spoon or
spatula to scrape the edges of the canister.