Instructions (continued) – Nostalgia Electrics DOUBLE FLAVOR ICE CREAM MAKER DFIM-SERIES User Manual

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Unplug the Drainage Plug and position over the sink to allow the water to properly


Centrally place the Base into the bottom of the Wooden Bucket.


Place the Bottom Canister onto the Base.


Securely fasten the bridge to the Bottom Canister Lid inside the bucket. (See Figure 3



Place the Top Canister on top of the bridge. Make sure the metal part of the dasher
fits into the plastic base of the Top canister.

10. Slide the rectangular end of the electric motor into the rectangular hole on the rim of

the bucket (as shown in Figure 4). The opposite end of the crank will drop into the
open end, where the latch is. Gently lift the latch so that the wire goes over the
rounded end of the motor. You may need to rotate the canister by hand so that the lid
fits into the motor.


11. Plug the power cord from the electric motor into an outlet.
12. Fill the wooden bucket with a small layer of ice (about 6 cups) evenly distributed

around the base of the canister. Be sure that the ice you put into the bucket is broken
into small, coarse pieces. You may use a mallet or hammer to break into smaller
pieces if needed. For each batch of ice cream, expect to use 1-2 medium bags of ice.

13. Cover the first layer of ice evenly with a thin layer or rock salt (about ½ cup).
14. Repeat steps 11 and 12, continue layering the ice and salt, stop when the mixture

reaches the top of the top canister.

15. Add cold water to the ice-salt mixture until the water level reaches the bottom of the

drain hole.

16. As the ice melts down 2 to 3 inches, you may add more ice and more rock salt to the


17. Turn on the electric motor. As the canister turns, stir and mix the salt and ice together.

Use the plastic stirrer every 10-15 minutes, or as needed, while the ice cream maker
is in use.

18. Unplug and remove motor once ice cream has churned about 35-45 minutes, or has

stopped the motor (if the motor has stopped prematurely, turn it off, break up any ice
blockages with the plastic stirrer, and start again).