Troubleshooting (continued) – Nostalgia Electrics DOUBLE FLAVOR ICE CREAM MAKER DFIM-SERIES User Manual

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My ice cream mixture tasted fine, but after
freezing it my ice cream does not taste the

Actual ice cream will always taste less
sweet than the initial mixture. You may
adjust the amount of sugar in the recipe to
suit your taste, keeping in mind that after
the freezing process, the sweetness will



My ice cream turned out too soft or runny.

Home-made ice cream traditionally has
the consistency of a thick milkshake. If
you prefer a firmer consistency, you can:

Remove the dasher and place the lid and
lid cap on the mixing canister. Place in the
freezer to harden. Another option is to
leave the canister in the wooden bucket,
remove the dasher, add the cap and add
more ice to the salt-ice mixture. Cover
with a towel and let it sit until the ice cream
is full.

The richer the cream you use, the richer
the ice cream will be. Heavy whipping
cream is suggested for the smoothest,
creamiest ice cream.

Pay attention to the amount of rock salt
used during the making of your ice cream.
Using too little salt may inhibit the freezing
of your ice cream mixture.

Recipes that call for alcohol may inhibit the
freezing process. Be sure to add any
alcohol during the last few minutes of the
freezing cycle.