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Page 12: Operating the machine, Wet vacuuming

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A-12 - 56041647 - Adhancer

R28-C, R32-C / BR 800S TRIO EDS



Be sure you understand the operator controls and their functions.
While on ramps or inclines, avoid sudden stops when loaded. Avoid abrupt sharp turns. Use low speed down hills. Clean only while ascending
(driving up) the ramp.

To Scrub...
Follow the instructions in preparing the machine for use section of this manual.

While seated on the machine, adjust the seat and steering wheel to a comfortable operating position using the adjustment controls (7) and (5).


Turn the Master Key Switch (J) ON (I). This will display the control panel indicator lights, reference the Battery Condition Indicator (K) and Hour Meter (G).


Release the Parking Brake (6). To transport the machine to the work area, apply even pressure with your foot on the front of the Drive Pedal (8) to go
forward or the rear of the pedal for reverse. Vary the pressure on the foot pedal to obtain the desired speed.

4 The

fl ow rate can be changed to allow additional solution fl ow for different types of fl oors to be scrubbed.



fl ow rate defaults to the “standard fl ow” setting. To increase solution fl ow rate to “high fl ow” press the Flow Rate Switch (T). The Flow Rate

Indicator (U) will display 4 lighted indicators for “high fl ow” or 2 lighted indicators for “standard fl ow”.
NOTE: The solution, vacuum and detergent systems are automatically activated when the Scrub Pressure Decrease Switch (D) or the Scrub Pressure
Increase Switch (F) is pressed. No further action is required. Any individual system can be turned OFF or back ON by simply pressing its switch at any time
during scrubbing.


Press and hold the Solution Switch (Q) to pre-wet the fl oor. Solution will continue to be dispensed as long as the switch is held. NOTE: This must be done
prior to lowering the scrub deck.


When the Scrub Pressure Decrease Switch (D) or the Scrub Pressure Increase Switch (F) is selected, the brushes and squeegee are automatically lowered
to the fl oor. The machine’s scrub brush rotation, solution system fl ow, vacuum and detergent starts when the Drive Pedal (8) is activated. Note: When
operating the machine in reverse, only the brushes will rotate, the solution and detergent is automatically shut off to conserve usage and the squeegee will


Begin scrubbing by driving the machine forward in a straight line at a normal walking speed and overlap each path by 2-3 inches (50-75 mm). Adjust when
necessary the machine speed according to the condition of the fl oor.


To avoid damaging the fl oor, keep the machine moving while the brushes are turning.


When scrubbing, check behind the machine occasionally to see that all of the waste water is being picked up. If there is water trailing the machine, you may
be dispensing too much solution, the recovery tank may be full, or the squeegee tool may require adjustment.


For extremely dirty fl oors, a one-pass scrubbing operation may not be satisfactory and a “double-scrub” operation may be required. This operation is the
same as a one-pass scrubbing except on the fi rst pass the squeegee is in the up position (press the Vacuum Switch (O) to raise the squeegee). This
allows the cleaning solution to remain on the fl oor to work longer. The fi nal pass is made over the same area, with the squeegee lowered to pick up the
accumulated solution.

10 The recovery tank has an automatic fl oat shut-off to prevent solution from entering the vacuum system when the recovery tank is full. When the fl oat shut-

off is activated, the control system will shut down the scrub, vacuum, solution and detergent (AXP/EDS models) systems. The Scrub Pressure / Hourmeter
Display (G) will display “FULL”. To clear the display, press the Scrub OFF Switch (B), Scrub Pressure Decrease Switch (D), Scrub Pressure Increase Switch
(F) or the Vacuum Switch (O). When the fl oat closes, the recovery tank must be emptied. The machine will not pick up water with the fl oat closed. NOTE: If
the control repeatedly gives a full indication when the tank is not full, the automatic shut-off feature can be disabled, have a qualifi ed service technician refer
to the service manual to perform this function.

11 When the operator wants to stop scrubbing or the recovery tank is full, press the Scrub OFF Switch (B) once. This will automatically stop the scrub brushes

and solution fl ow and the scrub deck will raise UP. NOTE: the vacuum/squeegee system will not be turned off when the switch is only pressed once, this
is to allow any remaining water to be picked up without turning the vacuum back on. Press the switch a second time and the squeegee will raise and the
vacuum will stop after a 10 second delay.

12 Drive the machine to a designated waste water “DISPOSAL SITE” and empty the recovery tank. To empty, pull the Drain Hose (21) from its rear storage

area, then remove the plug (hold the end of the hose above the water level in the tank to avoid sudden, uncontrolled fl ow of waste water). Refi ll the solution
tank and continue scrubbing.


Steps to follow in fi tting the machine with optional attachments for wet vacuuming.

Disconnect the recovery hose from the squeegee. Connect the coupler and hose from the wand kit to the recovery hose.


Attach suitable wet pick-up tools to the hose. (An optional Wand Kit PN56314307 is available from Nilfi sk-Advance).


Turn the Master Key Switch (J) ON, next press the Wand Switch (I). The vacuum motor and pump will run continuously until the switch is pressed again
to turn them OFF. NOTE: If the control repeatedly gives a full indication when the tank is not full, the automatic shut-off feature can be disabled, have a
qualifi ed service technician perform this function.

revised 2/07