Cautions and warnings symbols, Danger, Warning – Nilfisk-Advance America 56316025 (R32-C) User Manual

Page 3: Caution, General safety instructions, Save these instructions, English / a-3

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R28-C, R32-C / BR 800S TRIO EDS

- 56041647 - A-3


Nilfi sk-Advance uses the symbols below to signal potentially dangerous conditions. Always read this information carefully and take
the necessary steps to protect personnel and property.


Is used to warn of immediate hazards that will cause severe personal injury or death.


Is used to call attention to a situation that could cause severe personal injury.


Is used to call attention to a situation that could cause minor personal injury or damage to the machine or other property.

Read all instructions before using.


Specifi c Cautions and Warnings are included to warn you of potential danger of machine damage or bodily harm.


This machine shall be used only by properly trained and authorized persons.
While on ramps or inclines, avoid sudden stops when loaded. Avoid abrupt sharp turns. Use low speed down hills. Clean only

while ascending (driving up) the ramp.



fl ame and smoking materials away from batteries. Explosive gases are vented during normal operation.

Charging the batteries produces highly explosive hydrogen gas. Charge batteries only in well-ventilated areas, away from open

fl ame. Do not smoke while charging the batteries.

Remove all jewelry when working near electrical components.
Turn the key switch off (O) and disconnect the batteries before servicing electrical components.
Never work under a machine without safety blocks or stands to support the machine.
Do not dispense fl ammable cleaning agents, operate the machine on or near these agents, or operate in areas where fl ammable

liquids exist.

Do not clean this machine with a pressure washer.
Only use the brushes provided with the appliance or those specifi ed in the instruction manual. The use of other brushes may

impair safety.


This machine is not approved for use on public paths or roads.

This machine is not suitable for picking up hazardous dust.

Do not use scarifi er discs and grinding stones. Nilfi sk-Advance will not be held responsible for any damage to fl oor surfaces caused
by scarifi ers or grinding stones (can also cause damage to the brush drive system).

When operating this machine, ensure that third parties, particularly children, are not endangered.

Before performing any service function, carefully read all instructions pertaining to that function.

Do not leave the machine unattended without fi rst turning the key switch off (O), removing the key and applying the parking brake.

Turn the key switch off (O) and remove the key, before changing the brushes, and before opening any access panels.

Take precautions to prevent hair, jewelry, or loose clothing from becoming caught in moving parts.

Use caution when moving this machine in below freezing temperature conditions. Any water in the solution, recovery or detergent
tanks or in the hose lines could freeze, causing damage to valves and fi ttings. Flush with windshield washer fl uid.

The batteries must be removed from the machine before the machine is scrapped. The disposal of the batteries should be safely done
in accordance with your local environmental regulations.

Do not use on surfaces having a gradient exceeding that marked on the machine.

All doors and covers are to be positioned as indicated in the instruction manual before using the machine.