English / a-17, General machine troubleshooting, Adhancer – Nilfisk-Advance America 56316025 (R32-C) User Manual

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R28-C, R32-C / BR 800S TRIO EDS

- 56041647 - A-17



Possible Cause


Poor water pick-up

Worn or torn squeegee blades

Reverse or replace

Squeegee out of adjustment

Adjust so blades touch fl oor evenly
across entire width

Recovery tank full

Empty recovery tank

Recovery tank drain hose leak

Secure drain hose cap or replace

Recovery tank cover gasket leak

Replace gasket / Seat cover properly

Debris caught in squeegee

Clean squeegee tool

Vacuum hose clogged

Remove debris

Using too much solution

Adjust solution control valves

Foam fi lter cover not seated

Seat cover properly

Poor scrubbing performance

Worn brush

Rotate or replace brushes

Wrong brush type

Consult Nilfi sk-Advance

Wrong cleaning chemical

Consult Nilfi sk-Advance

Moving machine too fast

Slow down

Not using enough solution

Adjust solution fl ow rate to high fl ow

Inadequate solution fl ow
or no solution

Solution tank empty

Fill solution tank

Solution lines, valves, fi lter or trough clogged

Flush lines, trough and clean solution fi lter

Solution valve not open

Open solution valve

Solution solenoid valve

Clean or replace valve

Machine does not run

Emergency stop switch tripped

Reconnect battery connectors

Operator seat safety switch

Check for open circuit and replace

Main system controller

Check error fault codes
(see service manual)

Tripped 10 Amp circuit breaker

Check for electrical short circuit & reset

No FWD/REV wheel drive

Drive system speed controller

Check error fault codes
(see service manual)

Tripped 45 Amp circuit breaker

Check for drive motor overload

Emergency stop switch tripped

Reconnect battery connectors

Vacuum shuts off and display shows
“FULL” when recovery tank is not full

Plugged squeegee hose

Clear debris

Vacuuming large amounts of water
at a high travel speed

Slow down or disable auto shut-off feature
(see service manual)

Poor Sweeping Performance

Hopper Full

Empty and clean hopper

Brushes worn

Replace brushes

Bristles have taken a set

Rotate brushes

No Detergent Flow

Empty detergent cartridge

Fill detergent cartridge

Plugged or kinked detergent fl ow line

Purge system, straighten lines to
remove any kinks

Dry seal cap on detergent cartridge not sealed

Reseat dry seal cap

Detergent pump wiring
disconnected or backwards

Connect or reconnect wiring